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Connecticut Wedding Articles

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In The Spotlight
Jennifer Ballard Makeup Artistry
Branford, CT
(203) 208-0919
Foxglove Farm
Lyme, CT
Your Bridal Suite traveling Hair & ...
Diana Daley Photography
Startford, CT
Menon Vacations
Avon, CT
Be Yourself Beauty
South Windsor, Ct
"The Star You Are" Bridal and Event...
Groton, CT
VIP Studios
Waterbury, CT
Wedding Day Details
    Great Gifts for Your Groomsmen
Hey grooms! Are you looking for a great way to thank your groomsmen? Your groomsmen have been so helpful and have stood ...Continue
Wedding Etiquette
    Should You Have Children Participate in Your Wedding Ceremony?
Many brides and grooms wonder if they should have children participate in their wedding ceremony. There is no clear cut ...Continue
    Dealing With Difficult Bridesmaids
Planning a wedding can be challenging. Sometimes a bride can have a tough time with her bridesmaids. Her bridesmaids win ...Continue
Wedding Ideas
    Inexpensive Wedding Gifts Everyone Will Love
Why is it that everyone seems to get married at the same time? Doesn’t it feel like you have to go to three or four wedd ...Continue
    Adding a Touch of Charity To Your Wedding
Many couples are lucky: not only do they have each other to celebrate – they truly have it all. So when it comes to thei ...Continue
Wedding Planning
    Wedding Favors You Can Make
Are you the crafty type? Then you might be thinking about making your own wedding favors. Making your own wedding favors ...Continue
    Throw a Traditional Wedding Shower
Who doesn’t love a bridal shower? A bridal shower is a wonderful way to celebrate the wedding. There are so many ways to ...Continue
    Planning Your Bridal Shower
If you are getting married, then any bride knows that it is time to plan for your bridal shower. While traditionally you ...Continue
    Managing Your Bridesmaids
Planning a wedding can be hard work. No bride would be complete without the wonderful help of her bridesmaids. But your ...Continue
Wedding Reception
    Yummy Wedding Favors
Are you a foodie planning a wedding? If so, then you will probably want to consider having a yummy wedding favor. Many g ...Continue
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