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Connecticut Weddings

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Hello and welcome to - the place to be if you are planning a wedding in Connecticut. Take the time to peruse our directory of qualified Connecticut area wedding vendors to find the one that's right for your special day! Need some advice? Look through our Connecticut wedding articles for ideas, tips, and more!
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Your wedding is your big day and you should be able to enjoy everything you have always envisioned. When you plan your wedding in Connecticut, all of your dreams come true. You will be in complete control over every aspect of your wedding. With the many different cities, venues and services Connecticut has to offer, you will not have to compromise.

The city you choose to have your wedding in should resemble your personality. Luckily, there are many different cities in Connecticut which reflect many different styles. You can enjoy the big city life by having a wedding in Hartford or a park wedding in Bridgeport. The city you choose can be on the water or it can be more inland depending on the look you are going for.

After choosing the city you will have your wedding in, you can start to choose the different services and venues you will need. There are so many to choose from in Connecticut, you are sure to find the ones which will meet your every need. There are great bands to choose from, wonderful food for catering and the most beautiful floral designs for your bouquet. By choosing Connecticut, you are choosing to have the wedding of your dreams.
From The Blog
Managing Your Bridesmaids

Posted under Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be hard work. No bride would be complete without the wonderful help of her bridesmaids. But your bridesmaids must be managed in order for them to be successful. In many of our relationships, we may not have worked on a large project like planning a special event before. Weddings can also bring a lot of emotions to the surface. While you want to stay friends and stay close with your family members that are bridesmaids – you also want to manage them so that they are successful when you delegate any projects. Fortunately there are things you can do to manage your bridesmaids. When managing your bridesmaids, keep in mind that each bridesmaid is different. One bridesmaid may require some check-in telephone calls and other bridesmaids may not. Just like all of our friendships and family relationships are different, the way you manage your bridesmaids needs to be an individual matter. Keep in mind that you want to motivate your bridesmaids for success. Thanking them f ...continue »
Great Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Posted under Wedding Day Details

Hey grooms! Are you looking for a great way to thank your groomsmen? Your groomsmen have been so helpful and have stood by you through the whole wedding process. They are your best buds and you are lucky to have them. Giving your groomsmen a gift is a nice way to say thank you for their assistance to the wedding. There are so many gift ideas that you can give your groomsmen. Many of these gifts are popular with groomsmen of many types. A money clip is a very popular gift for groomsmen. Most men carry a money clip. It is an easy, well-organized way to carry money. Some men have different money clips that go with different ensembles. They have casual and dressier styles of money clips. Giving your groomsmen a money clip as a gift for their assistance during the wedding would be a great gift. This is also an ideal gift that you can have personalized for them. Having a gift personalized makes it even more special, because it means that it was created just for them. A beer stein is also ...continue »
Dealing With Difficult Bridesmaids

Posted under Wedding Etiquette

Planning a wedding can be challenging. Sometimes a bride can have a tough time with her bridesmaids. Her bridesmaids wind up often helping her to plan so many aspects of the wedding. Many brides are grateful to their bridesmaids for all of the help that their bridesmaids give them. But some bridesmaids wind up causing a difficult time for the bride – for various reasons. Weddings can be very emotional times. A sensitive bride will know how to handle her bridesmaids effectively to find an appropriate solution to any problem. Some bridesmaids want to be the center of attention. Am I saying that they want to be the bride? Now I wouldn’t say that…..but someone else might! They fuss about how their dress looks and where they are going to stand and what they are going to say and every detail about what they are going to do. Every action that they take is one where it seems like they are looking for more and more attention. It is true that most young women truly want to get married and find ...continue »
Inexpensive Wedding Gifts Everyone Will Love

Posted under Wedding Ideas

Why is it that everyone seems to get married at the same time? Doesn’t it feel like you have to go to three or four weddings during the same four week period? While it is fun to attend all of these wonderful celebrations, buying all of these wedding gifts can be very expensive. So what can you get the lovely couple that won’t cause you to take out a second mortgage? There are some great ideas of wedding gifts that are very popular with lots of couples. A great wedding gift can be a DVD player. These have gotten quite inexpensive recently. Everyone seems to watch DVDs these days. To make your gift even more fun, add a year’s subscription to a video rental service – so they’ll have plenty of movies and videos to enjoy. This is a gift that many married couples will look forward to. Weddings can be so expensive that lots of married couples wind up living on a tighter budget after the wedding because they are still paying off the wedding costs. Having some built-in entertainment will be f ...continue »
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